Patient Resources

  • Check Your Insurance Coverage

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  • resources financing 2x

    Financing Available

    With Care Credit, you can get the hearing instrument you need and conveniently pay for it over time with monthly payments that fit your budget

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  • resources faq 2x

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We answer some of the commonly asked questions related to hearing care, tinnitus, hearing aid products, assistive listening devices and more.

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  • resources types of hearing loss@2x

    Guide to Hearing Aids

    Download our consumer’s guide to hearing aids and make informed decisions on the purchase of your next hearing aid device.

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  • resources hearing and balance disorders@2x

    Hearing and Balance Disorders

    The following is an overview of several ways an issue with your auditory system can impact your inner balance.

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  • resources hearing survey@2x

    Hearing survey

    Please answer the question below to the best of your ability. After you choose your answer, the next question will appear. At the end of the survey, you will be provided with a score, and you may send this score to us so we may discuss any hearing loss issues you are having. 1 2 […]

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  • How to Prevent Hearing Loss for Musicians

    Because of the nature of their work, musicians of all genres are at risk for noise-induced hearing loss. Additionally, being able to hear properly is vital to the musician’s livelihood, from being able to hear the right notes and words to playing in the correct pitch and key. Without proper hearing protection, the loud sounds […]

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  • resources untreated hearing loss 2x

    Impacts of Untreated Hearing Loss

    Many people are aware they’re suffering from hearing loss, but find it difficult to get help. Those with hearing loss wait, on average, seven years before seeking treatment.

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  • resources latest hearing health@2x

    Latest Hearing Health News

    We provide the latest news in audiology, hearing loss treatment, hearing aids, hearing product and accessories in the hearing healthcare industry.

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  • resources types of hearing loss@2x 1

    Types of Hearing Loss

    Understanding parts of the ear and how the ear functions is essential to properly diagnosing hearing loss and how specialists treat the problem.

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  • resources understanding tinnitus@2x

    Understanding Tinnitus

    Tinnitus is an abnormal perception of a sound which is reported by patients that is unrelated to an external source of stimulation.

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