Hearing Protection

Excessive noise exposure is one of the leading causes of hearing damage. Hearing protection keeps wearers safe from sounds that exceed the recommended level. Patients that want to be safe can depend on Professional Hearing Aid Associates to find the right protection for home, work and hobbies. Hearing damage worsens over time and will become permanent without the use of ear protection.

Hearing loss protection

Hearing aids and earplugs use similar technology to block out unwanted noise. The filters are different, and the level of protection varies based on the hardware.

There are many different reasons to wear hearing protection, and not all of them are related to treatment plans. Professionals will sometimes have mandatory hearing protection requirements. This is due to being in an environment that is dangerous to long term hearing. Airports or industrial jobs are hotspots for the type of noise exposure that causes serious hearing damage.

A light sleeper benefits from hearing protection that blocks out distractions. It is a simple quality of life improvement that ensures a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Athletes in top-level sports use hearing protection as advised by their organization. And swimmers and surfers’ benefit from hearing protection that keeps water out of their ears.

At every level of life, hearing protection finds a way to be a useful tool in everyday life.
Musician’s earplugs and monitors

Creativity should never come at the cost of your hearing ability. A musician’s hearing is important, and that is why musicians’ earplugs are a vital resource for artists. During the creation process, it normalizes low and high notes to avoid damaging changes. Wearers are given complete control of the effect so that it never feels like the protection is getting in the way.

When playing live, musicians use speakers on stage to hear the music. This setup is known as a wedge and has been superseded by in-ear monitors. Monitors let performers hear the music exactly as the crowd would. The small microphones fit inside the ear canal and don’t take up unnecessary space on the stage.

Earmolds and earplugs

A generic product that fits all sizes can’t factor in individual comfort and protection. Custom earmolds and earplugs provide protection that is unique to the person wearing them. They are made to fit the contour of the wearer’s ear, and as a result, maximize comfort and feature usage. Without custom variants of hearing protection, the effectiveness of each model would face significant protection degradation during use.

Products We Offer Include:


Hunting, shooting and sudden noise. A filter instantaneously closes when damaging noise levels are reached. Allows essentially normal hearing at all other times.


Ideal for performing musicians and concert-goers. Also great for flight attendants, bartenders, waiters, dental professionals. Allows wearer to hear sounds accurately, but at reduced levels. Three filter options available: 9dB, 15dB or 25dB.


For swimming and showering – and they FLOAT! Also provide superb noise reduction.


Offers comfortable and uninterrupted rest. Also great for shift workers with non-traditional hours.


Ideal for high-noise industrial environments.