How Can I Make My Hearing Aids More Comfortable?

senior wearing tan colored bte hearing aid

Few people like the idea of losing their hearing. That’s why most people put a lot of effort into making sure their ears are as protected as possible. That normally revolves around avoiding loud noises for prolonged periods. There could come a point where you start experiencing hearing loss, however. That isn’t something you’ll see overnight. It will typically be gradual and may take some time. The longer it goes on, the more noticeable it is.

You can take steps to minimize the impact that this will have on your life. Starting as early as possible is recommended for this. The first step will be to speak with an audiologist. They’ll help you overcome this, which will typically involve you getting hearing aids. You might be worried about this. You might think that they’ll be uncomfortable to wear, especially throughout the day. You’ll wonder whether you can make your hearing aids more comfortable.

You can, although there are a few things to keep in mind.

Know How to Adjust

Hearing aids will normally be somewhat uncomfortable when you first get them. That’s because you’re still adjusting to wearing them. That’s quite common. You’ll need to give yourself time to adjust. Your level of comfort with them could fluctuate a lot, especially in the first few weeks. As you adjust, however, you’ll get more comfortable.

Knowing what to expect could be helpful with this. While your experience could vary slightly, there are a few things that you can expect in advance. These are:

  • Adjusting to how it feels: How your hearing aid feels in your ear takes a while to adjust to. You’ll be used to nothing being there, after all. You’ll need to spend time wearing it to overcome this. When you’re doing so, keep in mind that there shouldn’t be pain. If you do experience discomfort, you should speak to your audiologist.
  • Adjusting to the sound: There’ll be a noticeable difference in sound before and after you put in the hearing aids. You’ll mainly see this in quality. It could still take time to get used to, however.

Keeping those in mind can be helpful with adjusting to your headphones. Speaking with an audiologist about this period can also help you know what to expect when you get hearing aids.

Can You Make Hearing Aids More Comfortable?

After adjusting to your hearing aids, you might find that they’re still a little uncomfortable. Is there a way to make them more comfortable? There are, thankfully, multiple ways to do so.

Speaking with an audiologist about this will be recommended. You can try a few techniques yourself, however. These are:

  • Get the right fit: While you can get standard hearing aids, these mightn’t be the best fit. You’ll need to work with an expert to get the right one for you. That could take several sessions with an audiologist, although it’s more than worth doing.
  • Practice: Things might sound a little different once you have a hearing aid. That could get difficult to get used to, which may make you uncomfortable. With conversations, that’s quite true. You can practice by listening to audiobooks, among other things.
  • Start slow: You might think that you’ll need to wear your hearing aids all day from the beginning. That isn’t true. You can work up to this by wearing it for several hours a day. Taking them out when you know you won’t need them can be recommended.

By trying each of the above techniques, you can make your hearing aids more comfortable. Speaking with an audiologist during this process will be more than helpful. It’ll speed up the process while making sure that your aids properly help with your hearing loss. It’ll also make it simpler while setting your mind at ease.

Consult an Audiologist for Your Hearing Issues

If you start experiencing hearing loss, you’ll need to visit an audiologist as early as possible. Doing so will be vital to protecting your hearing long-term. There could be various factors at play. Many of these could mean that your hearing will deteriorate over time. You’ll want to avoid that. At a minimum, you can make it more manageable.

Comfortable hearing aids will be a priority for that. At Professional Hearing Aid Associates, we’re here to help. Our team is highly trained, friendly, and will make sure that you get the aids you need. Give us a call at (785) 940-4101 to see how our experienced audiologists can help you. You shouldn’t regret it.