Hearing Aid Repair

When properly maintained, modern hearing aids handle damage well. They are built for heavy usage in multiple environments. If the device gets damaged, wearers have multiple repair options to choose from. The clinic at Professional Hearing Aid Associates handles repairs for the most commonly used devices in the industry.  

What breaks hearing devices?

The easiest way to avoid device damage is by understanding the weaknesses of hearing aids. Earwax and other debris forms in and around the hearing aid as it’s worn. These are natural elements that collect in one area since they have no place to fall out. For the average person, light cleaning during regular maintenance will nullify this problem. But if the wearer suffers from earwax blockage, the negative effects are amplified. Ear irrigation with normal hearing aid maintenance will prevent this from happening.

Getting help

It takes no time at all to repair minor hearing aid damage at home. Care instructions are included with the package and are discussed during the initial fitting. If the damage is beyond home repair, in-office repair will take care of the problem. Walk-ins are welcome, and repairs can also be handled during regular check-ins.

Extensive hearing device damage requires extra care. For serious cases, the hearing aids are sent off to the manufacturer for repair. Being without hearing aids for an extended amount of time is life-changing, especially for wearers with moderate hearing damage.

Loaner devices are available when this happens, and can be used until the originals come back. The type, model and agreement for loaner hearing aids will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. If the loaner model is different than the one being repaired, hearing professionals will go over device features.

Misplaced hearing aids

Losing hearing aids is just as devastating as damaging them. Some devices have an optional companion app that locates the hardware when it’s lost. This is usually a smaller part of a larger program suite. It is built from the ground up to provide the wearer with convenient features. By using all of the available tools for hearing aids, users never have to worry about theft, extensive device damage or misplaced hardware.