Hearing Care Services

Professional Hearing Aid Associates provide hearing services for infants, children and adults. Combating hearing loss requires insightful testing for all ages. With early detection of speech and hearing issues, patients are provided with more comprehensive results and an expansive range of treatment options.

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    Complete Hearing Evaluation

    Each ear can have its own level of hearing loss. A diagnostic audiologic evaluation tests the severity of that loss in both ears. Pure-tone, bone-conduction and speech testing are some of the tests that hearing professionals choose during the evaluation.

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    Earwax Removal

    Earwax buildup causes temporary tinnitus and hearing loss. The impacted ear is flushed out using irrigation or suction methods. Both are painless procedures that are finished in under an hour.

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    Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

    The dispensing and fitting process gives patients their chosen hearing devices. When the initial programming is finished, live speech mapping fine-tunes the devices one last time. During the dispensing, hearing professionals answer a range of questions to help with the usage of hearing aids.

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    Hearing Aid Repair

    When normal maintenance fails, users can bring their hearing into the office for repair. Onsite repair is handled as an appointment or regular walk-in. To handle extensive damage, the device is sent off to the manufacturer. During the repair timeline, loaner hearing aids are discussed and provided.

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    Live Speech Mapping

    Live speech mapping is a technology that helps hearing professionals during the fitting process. The verification method used provides better accuracy when programming hearing devices. Live speech mapping is considered an upgrade to older ear verification methods.

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    Recommendations for Hearing Aids

    When the diagnostic audiologic evaluation results are official, it provides a clearer picture to be used for hearing aid selection. The evaluation for hearing aids uses this data to narrow down the best style, design and features of available hearing aids. Patients can choose from these options, prioritizing the features they value the most.

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    Tinnitus Treatment Options

    The accuracy of tinnitus treatment relies on finding the root cause of the problem. That means effective treatment options can be found with sound therapy, surgery, hardware and even counseling. There are multiple ways to combat the condition, with each method having its own core benefits.

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