What Is It Like To Wear A Hearing Aid?

hearing specialist holding a silver hearing aid model in hands

Wearing a hearing aid is not as easy as it may seem. Many people who wear them must make some adjustments to get used to wearing one. One of the most challenging adjustments for most patients is how the device changes their voice and makes them sound different from others around them. 

Why Do You Need Hearing Aids?

There are many reasons why you might need hearing aids. Firstly, you might have a medical condition that causes your hearing loss. It could be anything from age-related deafness to long-term exposure to loud noise or ear infections when you were young.

Secondly, the reason may lie with how you use your ears’ day in and day out. If you spend a lot of time in noisy environments such as bars or clubs, or you regularly listen to loud music through headphones, then having hearing aids could help you to hear more clearly. 

Finally, you might be personal and subjective – perhaps you feel your quality of life would increase if only you could hear better. Maybe others have told you this too? If so, don’t wait any longer – hearing aids could be the answer for you.

What Is It Like Living with Hearing Aids?

Living with a hearing aid is not always easy. The biggest challenge that people face when wearing a hearing aid is adjusting to the sound. After having your ears calibrated, you will experience sounds in ways you never have before. These unfamiliar sounds can take some getting used to. 

However, once adjusted, it’s like living with an ear for the first time again. After adjusting to the sound, you will notice that hearing aids can be life changing. It is amazing how much of a difference they make. You’ll feel like you are experiencing things for the first time.

Another challenge of living with a hearing aid is that you will be required to take care of your new ear. Like any instrument, if you do not maintain and clean them, they won’t work correctly. Again, an audiologist will teach you how to keep your ears in tip-top shape. 

Are Hearing Aids Comfortable?

You need to wear hearing aids daily, and throughout the day, so they are essential to be comfortable. When you first get fitted with hearing aids, your audiologist will make sure they fit correctly and comfortably. If the size or style of hearing aids don’t feel suitable for you after some time wearing them, it is essential to contact your audiologist to adjust them.

What Do Hearing Aids Sound Like?

Hearing aids are not typically associated with sounds that are pleasant to listen to. Instead, hearing aid users describe the sound as hollow and thin in quality. The typical objective of a hearing aid is to amplify all the various frequencies equally so that speech becomes easier for everyone to understand. The goal is to provide the listener with an amplified version of what they would hear in a quiet room, free from interference or background noises.

Are There Side Effects of a Hearing Aid?

Different people have different experiences with hearing aids. For some, they are life-changing and an integral part of their everyday lives. Others find them uncomfortable or even intolerable to wear for long periods. If you’re thinking about getting a hearing aid, it can be helpful to know what side effects may come along with wearing a hearing aid. 

The side effects of a hearing aid are primarily dependent on the type of device that you choose. For example, people who wear behind-the-ear hearing aids often complain about discomfort and irritation on the side of their head where the device sits. You can easily fix this by wearing a soft pad underneath, which helps to prevent skin breakdown.

What Does It Sound Like Wearing a Hearing Aid?

When you first start wearing a hearing aid, it can be challenging to adjust. It takes time to get used to the device and for your brain to understand the sound different now that you have an earpiece in. You will notice sounds becoming clearer as you continue wearing your new hearing aids over weeks or months. The first few weeks may be a bit overwhelming. However, it is possible to adjust quickly if you make a point of wearing your hearing aids every day.

Wearing a hearing aid is something that can significantly improve your life. Of course, you may have to make some changes for it to work best for you, but with the right technology and attitude, most people will be able to enjoy their time with friends and family more than ever before. To learn more about Professional Hearing Aid Associates or set up an appointment, give our team a call at (785) 940-4101.